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Identity Theft and Children

By on August 17, 2016 in Identity Theft

child identity theft harms your kid's futureEvery child is born with perfect credit. Babies don’t owe anybody money, they aren’t behind on any bills and there are no collections agencies breathing down their backs. Heck, children can’t even legally sign for a loan or contract until they’re 18. So why should you worry about identity theft on your children?

Identity thieves have found it’s very easy to steal a child’s identity and get away with it for years because parents never think to check their children’s credit file.

It’s an unfortunate but true fact that a majority of identity theft on children is committed by family members – mostly parents. They get into a real bind with their own credit issues. Instead of working through their problem, they turn to the easiest solution – using their child’s identity to get a new credit card or loan.

Montel Williams did a show in Dec. 2007 about identity theft. He had a  young man, Zach, whose identification had been stolen when he was 7. No one knew about it until he tried to get into college 10 years later. When he applied for a job and a student loan he was denied. There was a $40,000 debt on his credit report . Someone used his personal info, got a loan and bought a houseboat when he was 7 years old. The creditor even wanted to set up a payment plan for him to repay this debt he ‘incurred’ at age 7.

The worst part of identity theft is the assumption that you’re a deadbeat until you can prove your innocence.

Are you one of those parents who carries your child’s social security number in your wallet? If you are, take it out along with your own SS card. You just don’t need them in there.

Protect your child’s identity so that (s)he can start an adult life with that nice clean slate they were born with.

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